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 Areva Paints


We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading paint manufacturing company in south india having decades of experience in the industry.we are specialized in the manufacture of water based paint system both for interior application and exteriors too.Apart from manufacturing we also market our products in various parts of south india,specially in Karnataka.We manufacture the following paints which are all emulsion based for the walls.

  • Water based cement primer

  • Distempers

  • Interior emulsions with different ranges

  • Exterior emulsions with ranges

  • Putty in paste form

  • Putty in powder form etc., are some of the product range.
 Areva Paints

Apart from the above products we also cater to bulk consumers with quality ,based on their specifications which are tailor made.we do not entertain if any compromise on quality is talked about. We strictly adhere to our norms and do not look back on quality what ever be the situations . our products from areva paints are widely accepted in the industry be it from the dealer net work,painters,contractors engineers,builders,Architects,institutions etc.,We at AREVA PAINTS use only reputed raw material suppliers products who also cater to the needs of leading paint manufacturers in the country and also to the MNC’s.

What we do

In the year 2002, we started manufacturing with the support and guidance from a Bombay based paint company. By this process we established our own Brand in the market and our dependency on Trading (Out Sourcing) reduced considerably concentrating on our own production.
Our company is committed to deliver excellences and value to its client by virtue of experience in painting and textured paints, our special team is consisting of workers with diverse experiences on technical and application platform thus the interiors/ exteriors techno-managerial solution suiting to customer’s requirement.

Areva Paints


This Vision of ours is evidence of our Commitment. Our company takes pride in providing Eco-Friendly Value Added Products to improve the decor and protection of the projects for years.

Areva Paints


We achieve this through our motto:

  • Quality, Responsibily, Respect, Ethics

  • Alignment of our mission and goal

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Achieve customer satisfaction

  • Evaluating and training painting contractors