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We at AREVA PAINTS will solve your water proofing problems be it at rooftop or interior or exterior walls water tanks etc.We have the advanced technology to solve the problems faced at your building leakage,cracks etc: we have sylo-1 sylo-2, joint-x, water cut.

  • Waterproofing : Waterproofing protection of up to 7 bars hydrostatic pressure.

  • Mechanical strength : Reinforced with glass fibres for superior abrasion resistance.

  • High sheen : Reinforced with glass fibres for superior abrasion resistance.

  • Sylo 1 plus

    Sylo -1 Plus is an acrylic Emulsion based Crack filler when applied on Cracks & crevices seals the joint become of its in built ingredients and designed effects. Gives a very good protection with a combination of sylo-2 on this combination other finish paints of Exterior application Will be long lasting with rich protection and brightness.

  • Sylo 2

    Sylo -2 is an acrylic emulsion based sealent. When applied on cracks and crevices protects the surface without damaging further. It repels water and does not allow Water Penetration. With a combination of Sylo-1 Plus & sylo-2 it is a wonderful 2 Pack system to address the joints, cracks, crevices Problem. Protects from Rain, Sunlight , UV Rays, with the above system in place all other finish paints will long lasting.

  • Water cut

    This Product is Elestromatic Water Proofing Compound in nature and designed solely for the purpose of Protection and to add aesthetic Values. This Product is stretchable it does not allow water to penetrate into the surface and also protects the previous coatings of Sylo-1,sylo-2 churkey putty when applied over it.

  • Roof plaster

    It is a unique product polymerised when applied on Churkey Roof tops gives a very cooling effect to the walls. It is white in colour , it reflects the Sunlight and rays, protects the surface from rain, UV rays etc.., It is a very good water proofing productand water thinnable, good opacity , coverage and dries faster.

  • Joint-Ex Sealant

    Joint-Ex Sealent is one of the main ingredients when mixed with Joint-Ex Powder in the ratio of 1:1 gives such protection to the surface that it is very tough to remove. It is polymer based material and penetrates into the holes, cracks and crevices and protects the surface with a hard coating .

  • Joint-Ex Powder

    Joint-Ex Powder is one of the main ingredients when mixed with Joint-Ex Sealents in the ratio of 1:1 gives such a product when applied gives such protection that it is not easy to remove, it is a polymer based product where it is very tough, easy to apply.