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Solvent Based Areva Paint is used for coating concrete floors in parking lots walkways etc. In various areas. These are available in various packaging ranges and can be customized based on the requirements of the clients. These are made using high grade raw materials and according to the international quality standards. These are accessed by our clients at nominal prices in the industry.

  • Silk matt: for both interior and exterior climates

  • Excellent flow

  • Perfect surface appearance

  • Florocoat Red

    To go in line with our Country to avoid Pollution, introduced Water base Floorocoat Paint . This is a finish Paint, to apply the Paint it has to be thinned with water therby avoiding Mineral Turpentine Oil.

  • Wood Primer

    Wood Primer is alloyed based resin mixed with Mineral Turpentine oil and when applied on Wood takes care of the wood from attacks from cracking, growth of algae, loss of oil from the wood. Takes care from rain , sunlight etc..,

  • Red oxide metal primer

    Red oxide Metal Primer is an alkyd base metal primer which is used as a base coat for all metals that are exposed. If Red oxide metal primer is not applied the product will rest and not perform its function properly and there will be a heavy loss. The surface will be protected well from rain, sunlight etc..,

  • Zinc crome yellow primer

    One of the best products in the Industry t o avoid formation of rust on metals, because of zinc content it takes extra precaution in arresting the rust formation. It is used in all segments be it Home, Industry , OEM's and Heavy Industries. The paint is a prime coat and should be thinned with Mineral Turpentine oil.