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Interior painting is one of the important aspect of the painting system be it old walls or new walls.we at AREVA PAINTS ensure that a new&Freshlife is given to the old walls or a fresh aesthetic protection and decore for the new walls.just leave your requirements to our inbox, we will take care of the remaining.

  • Can be thinned : It can be thinned to application viscosity by adding appropriate amount of Potable Water.

  • Easy brushing : The Paint flow is very unique and allows the brush to move smoothly with the paint and does not hold it .

  • Quick drying : Since selected Raw Material are used the Paint dries Quicker and Faster.

  • Good sealing properties : Good sealing properties which ensure a smooth deposition of the paint film and fills crevices, cracks , holes if any .

  • Aqua Elite

    Aqua Elite one of the best products the Industry has seen . It is a Water Thinnable Paint for all needs Interior, Exterior Walls, Wood & Metals. It Avoids using Mineral Turpentine Oil, reduces the Pollution level. It is a very good finish Paint. No Smell , Good Opacity , Coverage and gives Value added addition to the surface.


    • Good stain resistance

    • Good fungus & mould resistance

    • Good hiding

    • Free from lead and mercury, Low Odour
  • Aqua safe

    One of the best Products designed by Areva Paints R & D which is Water Based Enamel Paint for Interior & Exterior Application as a finish paint which has made the Industry to look back in to us as far as our Products & performance . The Product is so smooth that dust retention is very low, with very good opacity , Coverage and flow. Takes care of Exterior abrasion , rainfall,sunlight, UV rays etc.., has very Pleasant smell, washable, has no health Hazard. Saves the usage of Mineral turpentine oil and there by reduces pollution level.

  • One touch Emulsion

    Acrylic Emulsion based paint for Interior walls. Because of the rich Emulsion Resin it has Sheen Finish and the walls become smooth. It is used as a finish Paint , with Good Opacity and coverage and dries fast . It is Washable.

  • Moonflower

    Moonflower Interior & Exterior emulsion is a water based emulsion paint for walls which is made of special resins. It offers good resistance to weather compared to cement paint. The shades in moonflower emulsion are very cleaner which do not fade & are long lasting. It offers resistance to algea , fungai,moss in dry to moderate humid cimate conditions. It may not prevent in excess rainfall areas & coastal environment . Moonflower exterior emulsion can be applied on all types of exterior cement plaster, exterior ceilings & asbestos-sheets concrete etc..,

  • Shine Coat Beauty

    One of the best Product from Areva paints for the Common man to enjoy the Luxury of Rich Emulsion Paint for a nominal Price. Best finish Paint with rich emulsion in the Industry . Good Opacity and coverage , dries fast. The Paint is Washable .

  • S Plus

    S Plus is a Good Wall finish , with rich in Emuslion resin , very good alternative to Conventional Distemper , Very clean shades , smooth finish , Good Opacity and Coverage . Dries fast paving for second coat the same day by reducing cost of Labour . It is water thinnable Paint for Interior Walls.

  • Universal Stainer

    Colourants to be mixed with base white materials. Different Colourants and Base white with varied ratios will give astonishing Colours and shades . This will reduce the cost of paint and Economic the usage of Paint.

  • Idea / Gold Petal (Interior Primer)

    Idea / Gold Petal are primers for internal walls with acrylic emulsion based primers which are water thinnable . The Primer is mixed with water for easy flow of the paint unlike oil based primers, where there will be smell and at times irritation to the eyes. These Primers are applied on to the walls before applying Putty, finish paint. The primer protects the wall strongly and fills in all cracks , holes, crevices, holes etc.., and acts as a base coat for subsequent coats.

  • Nevo Primer

    One of the best Emulsion based Cement Primer Water based Primer for all needs of Interior wall primer. Has good opacity, coverage, dries very fast . It is an Economy Primer suiting all segments .

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    Gloss Putty

    IT is one of the finest emulsion used in making of gloss putty in the industry. Because of carefully selected ingredients of raw material and finest , rich , emulsion resin the putty is very Smooth and Penetrates deep into Holes , Cracks , Crevices and makes the surface very even. Because of the Smoothness dust retention on the walls are very low , gives good opacity and Coverage.

  • Classic Putty

    It is an Emulsion based Acrylic Putty for the Walls. Classic Putty is applied on Plastered walls of the Interiors. Because of its in built nature the putty penetrates small holes, cracks, crevices etc and gives a smooth finish. The retention of dust is very low, because of its smoothness. This putty can also go as a Substitute to Plaster there by saving cost of sand, cement etc.., Gives good opacity and Coverage .

  • 3D Putty Ultra

    3D Putty Ultra is an acrylic emulsion based for the Interiors of the Wall. Because of its in build strength it gives a protective coating for the walls from fungal, moss, oil etc.., It acts as a barrier and does not allow the Penetration of water. Has good Opacity , Coverage and good spread , environment friendly , no Health Hazards.

  • 4DX Putty

    4DX Putty is a very new concept in the Industry. We have pioneered ourself to the cause of development in the industry to cut down the cost for the end users, Builders, Engineers. It is a unique product which is emulsion based resin of high quality sheen with smooth finish and Gloss. Added to this we give ready mixed colour putty with shades of Cream, Pink, Green & Blue . It has good Opacity , flow coverage , with painter friendly with no health hazards.

  • Ultra Enamel

    Water based Enamel Paint to reduce Pollution in the Country designed for all segments of the Society , House hold , Commercial , Industrial , Builders segment . Good flow , Opacity, Coverage and dries faster .

  • Easy Clean

    One of the finest Rich Emulsion finish Paint in the Industry . Because of the Rich Emulsion resin and carefully selected Raw Materials it has a very high sheen . Gives good opacity and coverage with high sheen . Because of its Smooth Structure the retention of dust are very low . It is Washable.

  • Aqua Wall Primer

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  • Aqua Wood Primer

    Wood Primer is alloyed based resin mixed with Mineral Turpentine oil and when applied on Wood takes care of the wood from attacks from cracking, growth of algae, loss of oil from the wood. Takes care from rain , sunlight etc..,

  • Aqua Zinc Primer

    One of the best products in the Industry t o avoid formation of rust on metals, because of zinc content it takes extra precaution in arresting the rust formation. It is used in all segments be it Home, Industry , OEM's and Heavy Industries. The paint is a prime coat and should be thinned with Mineral Turpentine oil.

  • Red Oxide

    Red oxide Metal Primer is an alkyd base metal primer which is used as a base coat for all metals that are exposed. If Red oxide metal primer is not applied the product will rust and not perform its function properly and there will be a heavy monetory loss. The surface will be protected well from rain, sunlight etc..,

  • Snow Coat Distemper

    Snow tree / Snow coat Acrylic washable distemper is made out of fine emulsion resin. Because of its rich ingredient it will suit all segments of society. It has good opacity & Coverage. This finish paint has no smell or odour. There is no Health Hazard for the painters. Same day second coat can be applied

  • Flosol

    Flosol is an Emulsion based solvent to be mixed wth Water based System of Paints, be it for Interior Applications or for External Application . It can be mixed with Distemper , Emulsion, Exterior Paints, Primer etc.., Gives enhanced addition of Paint to the surface gives good Coverage .

  • O2 Metalic

    To be environment friendly Areva Paints have intoduced Water based O2 Metallic Paint which when applied gives enormous sheen and protects the surface better because of its in built character , and also it has aluminium base. It has good opacity,coverage, drying fast, very good on metals, Good Scratch resistance.

  • O3 Metalic

    To be environment friendly Areva Paints have intoduced Water based O3 Metallic Paint which when applied gives enormous sheen and protects the surface better because of its in built character , and also it has aluminium base. It has good opacity,coverage, drying fast, very good on metals, Good Scratch resistance.

  • Water based Florocoat

    To go in line with our company to avoid Pollution, introduced Water base Florocoat Paint . This is a finish Paint, to apply the Paint it has to be thinned with water there by avoiding Mineral Turpentine Oil which will reduce pollution.

  • Eco care wall care putty

    It is a white cement based Wall Care Putty in Powder form blended with special Raw Materials which gives the wall a rich look, with good opacity , coverage , smooth finish .