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Exterior Primer - Water thinnable is suitable for use as a paint for painting of water based wall finishes such as distempers and plastic emulsions. Your home's facade stands exposed to the critical eye of first impressions. And first impressions are seldom forgotten. Your exteriors are a reflection of all that lies within, which makes how it is remembered very important. Areva Paint's range of exterior paints gives your walls an impression that invokes envy and lasts a lifetime. Its paints boast of properties like water-resistance, dirt-pickup-resistance, anti-algae, anti-fungi, alkali-resistance and UV-resistance. These exterior emulsions will protect and preserve the freshness of your home and the impression it leaves.

  • Can be thinned : It can be thinned to application viscosity by adding appropriate amount of Potable Water.

  • Easy brushing : The Paint flow is very unique and allows the brush to move smoothly with the paint and does not hold it .

  • Quick drying : Since selected Raw Material are used the Paint dries Quicker and Faster.

  • Good sealing properties : Good sealing properties which ensure a smooth deposition of the paint film and fills crevices, cracks , holes if any .

  • Moonflower

    Moonflower Interior & Exterior emulsion is a water based emulsion paint for walls which is made of special resins. It offers good resistance to weather compared to cement paint. The shades in moonflower emulsion are very cleaner which do not fade & are long lasting. It offers resistance to algea , fungai,moss in dry to moderate humid cimate conditions. It may not prevent in excess rainfall areas & coastal environment . Moonflower exterior emulsion can be applied on all types of exterior cement plaster, exterior ceilings & asbestos-sheets concrete etc..,

  • Ultimax

    Ecopex Ultimax is designed solely for the protection of exterior walls from sunlight,rain, Uvrays tec.., It does not allow water to penetrate into the surface because of it's built in nature & rigorous hard work put in by R & D wing of Areva Paints by selecting the best ingredients such as chemicals & resins . This product is elestromatic in nature & gives a long lasting effects with sheen. This is a water thin able paints & it is Eco Friendly . It gives a very good coverage & opacity. This product protects the surface from ultra violet rays, fungai & moss attacks & does not pick up dirt. If there is dirt or mud the same can be washed using a hose pipe with mild pressure. By doing so the dirt will clear giving the surface a new rich look.

  • Ecopex paint

    Ecopex paint is a product designed for the maximum protection of the Exterior walls & at the same time to bring aesthetic values on the walls with décor. Ecopex product is designed with careful selection of the raw materials & resin composition thus when painted on the walls gives good protection to the walls for long years & if the applicator uses his professionalism will give the walls an extra extended life & protection . Ecopex is so designed that the painted walls are protected from direct sunlight , UV rays, rain etc.., If there are dust retention on the walls the same can be removed with a hose pipe connected to a water tap & washed away giving a fresh lease of life to the painted surface. Do not over thin the product . Ecopex product is Eco Friendly & does not cause any healthy hazards & dries over night. Ecopex paint takes care of algae, fungai, moss etc.., Ecopex paint protects the walls for a long period unlike other products with décor.

  • Water Shield

    Water Shield is a Specially designed acrylic emulsion based resins water thinnable exterior paint for the walls. It has very good Opacity , Coverage , flow . Because of its designed structure penetrates holes or cracks, crevices and protects the painted structure from heavy rains, Sunlight , UV Rays etc.., It protects from fungal and moss attack . It can be Washed.

  • Terrashield Plus

    Terrashield Plus is an Exterior acrylic emulsion based with special resins to take care the vagaries of nature like rain,sunlight , UV Rays etc.., It is Water thinnable Exterior finish paint with good opacity , coverage , faster drying with no health hazard for the applicator.

  • Flex Sheen

    Flex Sheen is a multi Purpose specially designed Acrylic Emulsion water thinnable Interior & Exterior wall finish Paint .It has extra sheen takes care of rain, sunlight , UV rays etc.., It is hard on Exterior Walls . It is Eco Friendly with good Opacity , Coverage, with no health hazards and dries faster.

  • Level Plast

    Level Plast is a Unique Product which is Emulsion base. The product takes care of the undulation of the ceilings of the structure where in the levels are not same throughout. The product takes care to fill in the undulations and levels the ceiling to uniform level. The Product is Eco Friendly and there are no Health hazards to the applicator.

  • Exterior Primer

    Unique Product whichis Emulsion based for Exterior Walls take care of the direct sunlight, UV rays, Fungal attack , moss formation, because of the reflex action of the product it forms a barrier to the rains which will try to penetrate the walls and in built special chemicals gives a high protective coating , with good opacity and coverage .

  • Nano Exterior Primer

    Nano Exterior Primer for the Exterior walls is an Emulsion based paint which is water thinnable Cement Primer . It protects from Heavy rains , Sunlight , UV Rays , Fungal attack and moss growth etc.., It repels rain water, acts as a barrier and protects the penetration of water into the walls. Has good opacity and coverage.

  • Bright Plus

    Bright Plus is an acrylic Emulsion Based Interior & Exterior Cement Primer water thinnable Paint . It protect the walls from Sunlight , UV rays, Rains,Fungal attack , Growth of moss etc.., It acts as a an Exterior Primer & also for Interior application taking care of the problems and acts as a platform for subsequent coats. Has good opacity coverage and flow, no Health Hazard for applicators.