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Our product range includes a wide range of Texture Paints such as Interior Texture Paint, Decorative Textured Paints, Rustic Texture Paints, Perlina Texture Paints, Mplast Texture Paints, Spray Texture Paints and many more items.
We are amid the most noteworthy names engaged in offering to our clienteles an extensive collection of Exterior Texture Paint.
We are assisted by a crew of experienced personnel who are enormously indulged in bringing forth a broad gamut of Texture Finish Paints.

  • Accurate composition

  • Effectiveness

  • Longer shelf life

  • Scratch

    Acrylic Emulsion Based with special resins, with Rutile Titanium Di Oxide mixed with minerals size 0.5mm or 1mm in paste form to be applied on Plastered survace of walls, Gives added Protection to the walls , taking care of UV rays , heavy rains, and does not allow water to Penetrate into the walls.

  • Bindsol

    Specially designed acrylic emulsion resin binder for additional strength for external texture application for walls. Gives th surface protection from sunlight , rains , UV Rays etc.., The bonding is so unique that it is not easy to remove the painted structure .

  • Dholpur Stone

    Specially designed product with acrylic emulsion, resins for External walls which gives natural stone finish . It has very good opacity , Coverage, flow and penetrates into cracks, crevices and acts as a barrier for water penetration . Protects from sunlight , rains, UV Rays etc.., Painter friendly , no health hazards .

  • Roller Coat

    Roller coat is a specially designed product which is acrylic emulsion based paint to give designs on the walls . It is a very tough product and gives extended protection to the walls with added decorative values with varied designs and colours. very good opacity, Coverage , Flow, enchances beauty on the walls .

  • Bubble Spray

    Bubble spray is a specially designed acrylic emulsion based exterior application paint. When applied gives a design of bubbles on the surface giving a fantastic design. This structure protects the walls from heavy rains , Sunlight , UV Rays , abrasion and gives a very good shield to the painted structure. Has good opacity and Coverage .